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Ziaja Baltic Home Spa Fit Mango Micro-Scrub 190 ml - Vegan Product 95% of the ingredients are of natural origin Micro-scrub Mango

Aromatic Pre-Sauna Care

Exfoliating substance: fine crystalline silica

A gentle, dense micro-scrub for exfoliating the skin before a sauna session.


  • Smooths the skin and imparts the exotic scent of mango before each sauna session.
  • While using it, it surrounds you with the fragrance of exotic mango.
  • In the sauna, it releases the pleasant essences of tropical oils.

Ziaja Baltic Home Spa Fit Mango Micro-Scrub is an excellent way to prepare your skin for a relaxing sauna experience. Thanks to the gentle silica crystals, the skin becomes smoother, and the scent of mango provides an exotic aroma. It's a true sensory delight that adds extra satisfaction to your sauna time.

Ziaja baltic home spa fit mango micro-scrub 190ml

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