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Ziaja Baltic Home Spa Fit Mist Body & Hair 90 ml - Vegan Product 99% of the ingredients are of natural origin Body and hair mist Mango

Refreshing body and hair mist with a fragrance inspired by rhythm, dance, and acrobatics.


  • Intensely scented with mango.
  • Provides a pleasant feeling of relaxation.
  • Perfect for hot days and after exercise and physical activity.

Ziaja Baltic Home Spa Fit Mist Body & Hair is a refreshing mist that offers an intense mango fragrance for the body and hair. The inspiring scent reminds you of rhythm, dance, and acrobatics, adding energy and joy. It's an excellent choice for hot days, after exercising, or following physical activity to feel refreshed and relaxed.

Ziaja baltic home spa fit mist body & hair 90ml

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