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Ziaja Cashmere Amaranth Oil Strengthening Shampoo 300 ml is a high-quality shampoo designed for normal, thin, delicate, and dry hair. It contains 95% naturally derived ingredients.

This shampoo effectively cleanses and nourishes the hair, providing intense moisturization. Additionally, thanks to its strengthening ingredients, it makes the hair stronger and more resilient.

Its lightweight formula doesn't weigh down the hair while providing natural volume. The hair becomes silky to the touch and looks vibrant.

Ziaja Cashmere Amaranth Oil Strengthening Shampoo also has a pleasant scent that lingers on the hair, providing a fresh feeling.

Experience the difference with this shampoo and enjoy beautiful, healthy, and moisturized hair every day.

Ziaja cashmere amaranth oil strengthening shampoo 300 ml

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