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Ziaja Coconut & Orange Vibes Face Cream 50ml

Vegan Product - 92% Ingredients of Natural Origin

Product Description

Ziaja Coconut & Orange Vibes is a universal face cream that acts as a de-stressor. Thanks to a unique combination of ingredients of natural origin and a velvety emulsion enriched with plant glycerin, the cream provides intense hydration and regeneration to the skin. The subtle, refreshing scent of coconut and orange offers a relaxing freshness that soothes the senses and improves mood.

Benefits and Effects

  • Moisturization and Nourishment: Deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.
  • De-stress Action: Helps reduce signs of stress and fatigue on the skin.
  • Light Texture: The velvety emulsion absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy layer.
  • Relaxing Fragrance: The refreshing aroma of coconut and orange has a calming effect on the senses.


  • Plant Glycerin: Provides intense hydration and protects the skin from moisture loss.
  • Natural Extracts: Enriched with natural ingredients that support skin regeneration and protection.

Discover the power of nature with Ziaja Coconut & Orange Vibes and enjoy healthy, radiant skin every day!

Ziaja coconut vibes face cream 50ml

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