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Ziaja Creamy Shower Soap Cashmere 500 ml is a creamy shower gel enriched with 95% naturally derived ingredients.

This shower gel is infused with cashmere proteins and glycerin, providing a softening and moisturizing effect. It has a pleasant and delicate fragrance combining powdery-sweet ylang-ylang oil with an elegant blend of musk, sensual vanilla, and modern cedar notes. It is suitable for both showering and bathing.

Ziaja Creamy Shower Soap Cashmere delivers a gentle cleansing effect, leaving the skin clean and well-nourished. It leaves the skin soft and delicately touchable. It creates a luxurious and creamy lather, making your bathing experience a pleasurable one. Additionally, it imparts a warm and enveloping scent to the skin.

Experience purity, care, and relaxation with Ziaja Creamy Shower Soap Cashmere. Indulge in its creamy texture and delicate fragrance that will leave your skin soft and beautifully scented.

Ziaja creamy shower soap cashmere 500 ml

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