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Ziaja Ucuuba Hand Cream - Hand cream with 90% natural ingredients, specially formulated for very dry skin.

Our ucuuba hand cream is designed to provide long-lasting moisturization and regeneration to the skin while preventing excessive moisture loss through the epidermis. Its unique formula provides relief to chapped hands, leaving them soft and smooth.

The main ingredient in our cream is ucuuba butter, extracted from the seeds of the Virola surinamensis tree, which grows in the Amazon region. This natural abundance of fatty acids and vitamins A and C soothes irritations, effectively moisturizes, and regenerates the skin.

Ziaja Ucuuba Hand Cream offers sensory delight - its delicate scent makes daily care a pleasant experience. The cream is quickly absorbed, leaving no unpleasant greasy film on the skin.

Take care of your hands naturally, try Ziaja Ucuuba Hand Cream, and enjoy moisturized, regenerated, and beautifully scented skin on your hands every day.

Ziaja hand cream moisturising ucuuba 5% urea 80 ml

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