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Ziaja Vitamin C.B3 Niacinamide Body Balm 200ml - Multi-Vitamin Body Care

Ziaja Vitamin C.B3 Niacinamide Body Balm is a lightweight body balm with an extremely moisturizing consistency. This vegan product with a capacity of 200ml contains a remarkable 95% natural ingredients, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer natural skincare.

Moisturization occurs naturally, thanks to vitamin C.B3 niacinamide, which nourishes your skin. This body balm is true multi-vitamin care, enriched with energizing moisturizing vitamins B5, B6, and E, along with a smoothing peptide complex of natural origin. It is highly efficient, easy to apply, and quickly absorbed, leaving a subtle fragrance on the skin.


  • Intensely moisturizes and evens out the skin.
  • Provides essential nourishment to the skin.
  • Reduces dryness and leaves the skin feeling soft.
  • Leaves the skin well-cared for and soft to the touch.

Ziaja Vitamin C.B3 Niacinamide Body Balm is a balm that provides your skin with deep moisturization and nourishment. Thanks to its ingredients, your skin will become smooth, soft, and pleasant to the touch. Enjoy beautiful and healthy skin with this innovative body care.

Ziaja vitamin c.b3 niacinamide body balm 200ml

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