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Ziaja Natural Care Intimate Wash Gel 400 ml is a vegan product with 99% of its ingredients derived from natural sources.

We have developed an ultra-gentle gel for sensitive skin areas, composed of nature-derived components. Its plant-based formula is based on the exceptional gentleness of sarcosinates, natural lactic acid, lactate esters, and fatty alcohols. It contains olive phytosterols, prebiotic inulin, and soothing tapioca.

We have taken great care to ensure the highest product quality and responsible manufacturing, committed to eco-friendly practices. The product is effective and safe for the skin.

The gel features a concise list of ingredients, and it contains exceptionally gentle, biodegradable components sourced from renewable resources. It carries a thoughtfully crafted fragrance called "green secret," made solely from plant-derived oils that pose no threat of endangerment.

Respecting the natural environment, we have chosen packaging that is suitable for recycling.


  • Gently cleanses, ensuring effective intimate hygiene.
  • Refreshes and nurtures delicate skin on a daily basis.
  • Maintains the natural pH of intimate areas.

It is also suitable for girls above 3 years of age.

Ziaja Natural Care Intimate Wash Gel 400 ml

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